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"I went to Chloe after sustaining an injury in my back whilst at the gym. Chloe really quickly pin pointed that it was my hip flexor and used a variety of techniques to rehab this injury. For my first experience of any kind of massage/sports therapy I was made to feel very comfortable and reassured. Chloe has a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to going back!:)"- June 2022

"This is the 3rd time I have seen Chloe for unrelated issues and she has worked her magic every time. She certainly knows her stuff, makes me feel at ease and more importantly sorts out the problem. 100% recommend. Note to self - visit Chloe more regularly, before I have an issue !!"- August 2023

"Chloe is absolutely fantastic. I had an issue with my shoulder and she identified that it was to do with a tight pec which I had never even considered! Going to be increasing my visits to her"- July 2021

"I was struggling to walk, squat and run and Chloe was quick to target the muscles that were causing my issues. Her vast knowledge is admirable. I am now back to lifting weights in the gym and pushing my personal bests once again".- August 2020

" Very knowledgeable on injuries and how to get yourself back on track. After a few years out struggling to exercise due to injuries Chloe has already helped me get back into fitness and exercise. And kept my pains/niggles at bay. Added bonus is there’s lots of extra information online that she provides to help you do your own rehab at home."- August 2023

" Really good service, started having sports massage regularly and can see great improvements with recovery😁 10/10"- May 2023

"I only use Chloe for my sports therapy. She provides excellent treatment and I have always walked out of there feeling like a different person. As a Runner and someone who has recently started lifting weights I have experienced Chloe's upper and lower body Therapy which I highly recommend to anyone. 10/10"- Dec 2023

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