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Dry Needling

Often mistaken for Acupuncture, Dry Needling is the Westernised version. The application is very similar as both techniques use thin stainless steel needles. But with dry needling we aim for trigger points and tightness within the muscular system rather than meridian and nerve pathways that create Qi flow like in acupuncture.

The name 'Dry' Needling refers to the fact that there is no medication or injection involved in the application. The needles work most effectively when applied for a short amount of time to a section of muscle tissue that feels tight or knotted. Once in the correct position the therapist will turn, flick and move the needles. This stimulates the area and can cause the surrounding tissue and muscles to twitch and react to the stimuli. Through this application the needles can release tension within the selected spot within the muscle belly and the surrounding fascial system. There is also a big increase in the localised blood and Lymph flow around the point of application, this response helps stimulate the healing process.

For more info on Needling or how we can add it to your treatment make sure to contact me.

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