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Red Light Therapy

I have just purchased a Red Light Therapy light to use on my clients, but what is red light? What does it do? And how can it benefit clients?

What is Red Light?

Red light Therapy (RLT) is a form of light therapy that helps heal skin, muscle tissue and other bodily tissue. It exposes the body to high powered red light and/or near-infrared light (NIR). The light I have does both together and separately. Red and near infrared light are both natural types of light which originate from the sun, that has now been converted into fancy light bulbs, without the nasty skin damaging rays.

What does it do?

Our bodies are very under-illuminated. We spend lots of time indoors under harsh artificial lighting looking at bright screens, but not enough time outdoors exposed to the natural light spectrum. The use of RLT has been clinically proven to enhance cellular function within the body. As the light penetrates the skin it increases the activity in your cell’s powerhouses the mitochondria. This activity breaks down nitric oxide within the cells and efficiently generates more of the energy molecules adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy currency of the cell and optimal ATP production supports health and repair by enabling the cells to perform efficiently and allowing the body to heal. This exposure also helps to balance our Circadian Rhythms as it emulates the sun rising and setting, which then helps our sleep patterns and energy levels.

How can this benefit clients?

The list of benefits of RLT is a long one (listed below) and it is a tool that I can apply to one part of the body whilst I work on another (what a bonus!). It can also assist issues such as joint pain and eye health which as a massage therapist I am limited with what I can do for those issues.

List of benefits:

· Pain & Inflammation

· Skin health & Appearance

· Eczema & Psoriasis (I am currently experimenting on my own eczema patches)

· Wound Healing

· Exercise performance & recovery

· Joint Pain

· Bone Health

· Headaches and Migraines

· Eye Health

· Thyroid function

· Brain Health

· Sleep

· Fatigue

So, there is your short guide to all things Red Light. If you’ve still got any questions give a shout. If you are interested in adding this into your next treatment, then let me know when you arrive.

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